Petcube 3.0, A Smartphone-Controlled Device That Lets Humans Remotely Interact With Their Pets

In 2013 we wrote about the Petcube, a smartphone-controlled cube that allows humans to remotely play, watch and interact with their pets. In their newest IOS update, the app was redesigned to be more user-friendly along with new auto-play and motion sensor features. Additionally, the Petcube can now be ordered online or found in a variety of retail stores.

In the latest Petcube app update, we’re introducing advanced features to the Petcube Camera and the app so you can better socialize and engage with your pets remotely. …We’ve revamped the user interface and experience so the layout is more intuitive, fun and easy to navigate based on your preferences. You’ll see your favorite Petcube Cameras, your play history, more visual feed updates, and overall improved play experience. …Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean your pet can’t get extra attention and fun. The new autoplay mode enables the certified safe laser pointer to display randomized patterns to help your pets stay active longer and never get bored. …Now you can choose to get notified if there are any major disturbances – caused by your pet or someone else. You’ll get instantly notified push notifications, so you can check-in on your pet and home. Interact with your pets real-time, deliver commands or praise them through the Petcube Camera.


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Petcube App 3


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