Personal Cremation Urns That Look Like Disembodied Heads

Mr. President as an urn

Vermont based company Cremation Solutions makes personal cremation urns that look like the deceased person’s disembodied head (or any person really, like, as shown, President Obama). Each 3D polymere marble-based urn is custom built from merging two photographs of any person’s face. They come in two sizes: Full Sized, which holds all the ashes, or Keepsake Sized, which is smaller and just holds some of the ashes.

The personal urn does not come with hair. For hair we can digitally add hair if you wish, or wigs can be used. A Plaque and nameplate are also available.
Personal urns can be designed to look like anyone. We just need good pictures. We prefer one picture from the front and one from the side. Complexions can be adjusted in the final stages and customers get a chance to proof the results.

Obama Urn

Personal Wigged Urn

via Gizmodo and Coolest Gadgets

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff