People-Powered Customer Service Via Satisfaction


Satisfaction is a new web startup in beta that provides people with another outlet for customer service with companies and organizations, and their products and services. People can create company profiles and the companies, if they so choose, can get involved in their community’s discussion. Also, it’s not just about getting customer service, people can give it as well. They can ask a question or help to answer one.

Not all of the companies listed on Satisfaction are the traditional companies you would expect to see. For instance, they have a profile for Burning Man. Annoyed with ePlaya and Tribe? Try out Satisfaction for all of your burning questions.

Other notable companies and organizations tracked by Satisfaction include Apple, MOO, Digg, Twitter, Pownce, EFF, Ritual Coffee Roasters just to name a few, with many more being added daily. Oh yeah, and of course Laughing Squid is there as well.

Satisfaction was started by Lane Becker (co-founder Adaptive Path) and Thor Muller & Amy Muller (co-founders of Rubyred Labs).