‘PBS Idea Channel’ Explores the Many Ways in Which People Use Makeup and Why

PBS Idea Channel host Mike Rugnetta explores the many ways in which people use makeup and why in the latest episode of the series. Specifically, Rugnetta questions whether there’s ever a definitive use of makeup or even makeup tutorials.

When someone puts on makeup there is no easy way to know why they’ve done it. Or why they’ve made the decisions they have about their makeup. Answers to those questions might not even be clear to the makeup wearer themselves! After a very long history of putting stuff on our bodies to accentuate our features, cosmetics–both the product and the idea–has taken on a good amount of baggage. So, its tough to know… Is it for the person wearing it? It is for the people who are going to see the person wearing it? It is for one by way of the other?