PBS Idea Channel Explores How Humans Use Technology and Asks ‘Are We All Cyborgs?’

PBS Idea Channel host Mike Rugnetta sat down with journalist Rose Eveleth to explore how humans use technology and ask, “Are we all cyborgs?” Rugnetta and Eveleth discuss the history of the word, how it is used today, and what it really means to be a cyborg.

Whether it’s using animals to farm, the printing press or the modern computer, there’s no doubt technology has played a hugely important part in our lives for as long as we can remember. But today, there are more and more people mixing technology and biology in what is quickly emerging as a cyborg identity. But what counts as cyborgian? Pacemakers and bionic limbs, sure, but what about glasses? Fitness trackers? Yoga? Or even… birth control? Today Mike sits down with Rose Eveleth, host of the podcast Flash Forward to discuss what our modern day perception of a cyborg is, and why it might not be totally accurate.