Over The Line, An Art Show Tribute to the Coen Brothers at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle

"The Seven Sins of Coen's Cinema" by Augie Pagan

The Seven Sins of Coen’s Cinema” by Augie Pagan

Over The Line is a group art show at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle featuring a collection of original artwork “paying tribute
to the many incredible films of the legendary Coen brothers.” The show opened on Friday, June 7, 2013 and will run through Sunday, July 14, 2013. You can still RSVP for the event online via Facebook.

"Warthog From Hell"  by Ryan Wood (Raising Arizona)

Warthog From Hell” by Ryan Wood (Raising Arizona)

"The Dude Abides"  by Chet Phillips (The Big Lebowski)

The Dude Abides” by Chet Phillips (The Big Lebowski)

"True Grit"  by 100% Soft (True Grit)

True Grit” by 100% Soft (True Grit)

"What Heart?"  by Aaron Jasinski (Millers Crossing)

What Heart?” by Aaron Jasinski (Millers Crossing)

"CALL IT!"  by Wade Lageose (No Country Old Men)

CALL IT!” by Wade Lageose (No Country For Old Men)

"Not A Good Man"  by Todd Spence (Inside Llewyn Davis)

Not A Good Man” by Todd Spence (Inside Llewyn Davis)

"H.I."  by Geoff Trapp (Raising Arizona)

"H.I."  by Geoff Trapp (Raising Arizona)

H.I.” by Geoff Trapp (Raising Arizona)

Over The Line

images via Ltd. Art Gallery and credited artists

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