Over 13,000 Santas Converge in Derry For World Record

In an attempt to break the world record, over 10,000 Santas gathered on Sunday in Derry (Londonderry), Northern Ireland.

The organisers of an event that saw 13,000 Santas walking on Derry’s Walls were today waiting for confirmation that they have smashed their way into the Guinness Book of Records.

Despite awful weather conditions, the atmosphere was jubilant as thousands of people arrived at the Guildhall Square in Londonderry yesterday morning to take part in 10,001 Santas, one of the largest charity events ever organised in Ireland, and claim the world record for having the most Santas in one place at one time.

Last year Moscow claimed to have a 70,000 Santa convergence. Sounds like we need to have a Santa invasion smackdown.

Thanks to Santa Rob for the tip!

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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