Holy fast connections! Check out OpenDNS, a free client side DNS caching service that does not require any kind of external software. Not only does OpenDNS speed up your internet connection, but it also has anti-phishing and domain name typo correction features, both of which are opt-out by ip address. With the typo correction, if a valid website cannot be found, then you are sent to a search page. This is how OpenDNS will pay for its services, which are free to the end user. You can configure OpenDNS at the network or router level or by individual machine.

In the past, I have had problems with Comcast’s name servers not resolving properly. When that happens I would go to various broadband forums and look for alternatives. Well, that problem just went away.

OpenDNS was founded by my friend David Ulevitch, who has been telling me about this project ever since I met him last year at an early SuperHappyDevHouse event. David’s previous project is the highly successful EveryDNS, a free DNS hosting service. So, David knows his DNS and I can trust him to do the right thing with OpenDNS.

So, I had no idea how great OpenDNS would be until I actually had a chance to try it out today. David told me that they just launched when I saw him at last week’s Stirr event, but then I got sidetracked. Today Matt posted about it which reminded me to check it out. You should do the same when you get a chance.

UPDATE: Oh hey, if anyone tries out OpenDNS, let me know in the comments if you see a difference in your lookup speeds. Also, mention what ISP you are using and what city you are in, if you don’t mind. So far most people I’ve talked to are reporting an noticeable increase.