One Hour of Surfing in San Diego Condensed Into a Single Short Video

San Diego filmmaker Cy Kuckenbaken edited an hour worth of surfing video into a a single shot, choosing the best rides and removing the time that separated each one. The idea was to make the experience exciting for the viewer, while maintaining a sense of how much can occur in a single hour of surfing.

In most surf films, the riders are so talented and the waves are so good it becomes an abstraction from the average viewer’s/surfer’s experience at an average break. On the other hand, watching in person can be very slow and depending on the swell there may be long stretches when nothing happens at all. This video is a playful attempt to split the difference and reveal just how much can actually happen in an hour in an otherwise nondescript surf spot with non professional riders.

Kucken posted a making of video, to show exactly how the “time collapse” seen in the video was accomplished.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Brian Heater
Brian Heater