Silver Dollar Sized Novelty Coins That Help to Decide Whether or Not to Give a F**k With a Simple Toss

Zero Fucks Coins

There are those days when it’s really difficult to decide whether or not to give a f**k! Luckily, Justin Heister has come up with a brilliant way to help determine the answer with just a flip of a coin. These silver dollar sized novelty coins make it very clear whether or not something is important enough to use a personal f**k! over it. The coins come in a variety of colors and are easily distinguishable from traditional currency.

Don’t know if you should give a f*ck or not? Just flip this badass coin and let fate decide!!! These hilarious high-quality decision maker coins are available in 6 colors, have AMAZING details, and make for the perfect gag gift!

Heister is raising funds through Kickstarter in order to bring these decision-makers to market.

Zero Fucks Coins Flag

Zero Fucks Coins Multi

Zero Fucks Coins Copper

Zero Fucks Coins Dare Unum Futuo

Zero Fucks Coins US of NF

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips