Olive, The First Full-Length Feature Film Shot 100% on a Cell Phone

Olive DVD Cover

image via Rikaroo

Produced by former Facebook Chief Privacy Officer Chris Kelly and Bay Area businessman Bill O’Keeffe, Olive is the first full-length feature film shot entirely on a cell phone, a Nokia N8 smartphone. The film’s cast includes Gena Rowlands and Randi Zuckerberg (Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s sister). Released in late 2011, the film is co-directed by Pat Gilles and San Francisco morning show radio personality Hooman Khalili and follows the story of “a little girl that transforms the lives of three people without speaking one word.” Here’s the trailer.

It will also set another ‘first’:

The financing of Olive was done independently of any corporation. The goal now is to be the first film to not only be shot on a cell phone, but to also be the first independently financed feature film on 2,000+ theaters across the United States without the backing of a major studio.


Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff