An Older One-Eyed Dog Flawlessly Performs a New Trick Despite Several False Starts From Her Human

Ellie Waiting for the Word Go

A wonderfully rotund 13 year old one-eyed beagle named Ellie flawlessly performed a new trick that her human Wes Hess taught to her. As a yummy treat was waiting in her bowl, Ellie quickly responded to the verbal cues “ready” and “set” by sitting up on her hind legs in anticipation of the word hearing the word “go”. A very good Ellie diligently remained upright and in place, even as Hess recited several words that rhyme with “go”. After a well-deserved indignant whine, Hess finally issued the magic word. It seems that you can teach an old dog new tricks after all.

One Eyed 13 Year Old Dog New Trick