Large Octopus Climbs Out of Shallow Rock Pool in Low Tide to ‘Walk’ Across Land In Search of Deeper Water

Lawrence Scheele, an “aspiring underwater photographer and marine biologist” who previously captured incredible photos of the amazing sea creatures of New South Wales, Australia, found himself witnessing an incredible event during low tide on Manly Beach in Sydney. A rather large octopus who seemed to be unhappy with its current surroundings climbed out of a shallow rock pool and “walked” upon the land in search of the deeper water of the nearby ocean.

A Gloomy Octopus was seemingly stranded in shallow pools due to the king low tide. This alien-like creature then crawled out and walked on land for minutes as he made his way back to the ocean. I’ve never seen such a large octopus behave like this before.

Octopus Walks on Land