Not-a-Cat, Vat 19’s Successfully Funded Plush Cat That Is Not a Cat Is Now Available For Purchase

In May 2015, Vat19 the online store that sells wonderfully eccentric items, successfully raised funds for their original Not-a-Cat idea. Not-a-Cat is a plush animal that looks just like a curled-up, one-eared sleeping cat and is now is now available for purchase. A perfect gift for those people who like the idea of having cat in their but sneeze uncontrollaby at cat hair or cringe at the thought cat claws scratching at their furniture.

The Not-a-Cat Cat is the world’s first cat that’s not-a-cat. Pretty simple really. Is it a cat? Yeah, of course it is. It’s just not-a-cat. Okay, let’s start at the beginning. A cat is a cat. The Not-a-Cat Cat is a cat that isn’t. Some of its famous attributes include: luxurious long fur, cuddletude, sticktutiveness, synergy, moxie, an extra ear and noise making. Are you a Not-a-Cat Cat person yet? The Not-a-Cat Cat is stuffed with foam beads instead of traditional poly-fill stuffing for a truly ambiguous shape. The “stuffed” also features luxuriously long fur that leaves you questioning its mortal existence.When the bonus ear is pressed, the little furblob produces a noise similar to a meow, but don’t call it a meow because it’s not-a-cat.