New York City Photos From the Past Seamlessly Superimposed Over the Same Present Day Location

18 Pell Street
Pell Street

Nick Sullivan, fashion director at Esquire Magazine, has created a fascinating photo series in which he superimposes found images of New York City (and other cities) from the early and mid-20th century and superimposes them over the same streets in present day. The disconcertingly seamless results prove more than anything, that life will always goes on.

New York City

Bleeker Street
Bleeker Street

Brooklyn Boys

Simon and Garfunkel
5th Avenue Subway

Waiting on a Friend
St. Marks Place

42nd Street


St Martins Ct London
St. Martins Court


Les Enfants de la Place Hébert 18e Arrondissement
Les Enfants de la Place Hébert

via My Modern Met

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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