Nemo 33: The World’s Deepest Pool

Nemo 33

Nemo 33, a diving school in Brussels, operates the world’s deepest pool which goes to a depth of over 33 meters. Check out their great photo gallery of the pool. Talk about going off the deep end.

  • Water: 2.500.000 liters of spring water at 30°C, visbility >33m, without chlorine smell
  • Ferment: 2 pools, 3 pits (5, 10 and 33m)
  • Decoration: Caves at -10m, possibility of fixing of new decorations.
  • Never seen before: Three permanent bells of air under pressure (-9m, -7m, air renewed permanently), they avoid ceaseless return tickets bottom-surface of the student and his instructor.
  • Technic: 250 anchoring points distributed in the tank to:
    • changer the aspect of the swimming pool (for the amateurs)
    • adapt it to the need for a film making
    • to adapt it to the need for the scientists and technicians
  • Lightning : Natural & artificial

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