Neighborhood Fruit, Helping Find Fruit in Backyards and on Public Land

guest post by Burstein!

Neighborhood Fruit

The fine folks at Neighborhood Fruit have made a map of San Francisco that shows fruit trees on public lands. This is great if you are a fan of cherry plums and loquats. Their database is (obviously) incomplete, so if you know of any apple, pear, lemon or anything growing on public lands, then you can register and share the wealth.

Neighborhood Fruit was created to make use of the abundant fruit growing in our urban neighborhoods. Currently, the bulk of fruit grown in back yards in our cities goes to waste, while the fruit we consume is grown in water-intensive orchards far from our homes. We envision a different future, where the bulk of backyard fruit is utilized and shared between neighbors. We envision a future where the food we eat is truly fresh, seasonal and local. Our diets replete with home-made goodies.