National Geographic ‘Crittercam’ Captures Rare Footage of Two Turtles Meeting Underwater

An adult South American river turtle fitted with a National Geographic “Crittercam” captured amazing and rare point-of-view footage of an underwater meeting with a juvenile of the same species, including how the younger turtle reacted to being approached.

The giant South American river turtle is not as abundant as it once was in some areas, but conservation methods—including patrols of nesting beaches by armed guards—help Brazil maintain a healthy population. Here turtles interacting with one another underwater are observed, for what could be the first time. …Safely worn by wildlife, Crittercams capture video, sound, and other information, giving us rare views of the private lives of animals. By allowing us this animal’s-eye-view, Crittercams help to solve scientific mysteries. And what we learn from Crittercams helps us protect the very animals that wear them.