‘Mystery Show’, A New Mystery-Solving Podcast Hosted by Starlee Kine

mystery show logo

Mystery Show is a new mystery-solving podcast hosted by Starlee Kine and released through Gimlet Media. Each week, Kine attempts to solve a different mystery with the stipulation that the answer can’t be found on the Internet. So far she has solved cases about things like disappearing video stores and mysterious belt buckles. As she states in the first episode, Kine would like to build up to solving the case of D.B. Cooper.

The show has drawn comparisons to the popular true crime podcast Serial, and Mystery Show even has its own catchy advertiser mispronunciation as a group of children try to say “cinnamon” for an ad for Kind Snacks in the third episode, similar to Serial’s now-famous “Mail Kimp” spot.

The most obvious difference is that Serial told the story of one case over the course of several weeks, while Mystery Show takes on a different mystery each week. The other difference is that the first season of Serial ended without a clear conclusion for the case, but Mystery Show resolves the case in each episode.

image via Mystery Show