‘My Mom’s Motorcycle’, A Heartwarming Short Film About Our Connections to Objects and People

“My Mom’s Motorcycle” is a short film by Cincinnati-based filmmaker Douglas Gautraud that explores the roles objects play in our lives and how they help connect us to our families. In the film, Gautraud tells the story of his grandfathers and the ways in which the things they left behind inspired him to go out and buy a motorcycle which would eventually land in the hands of his mother.

People need real things. They need to connect with reality. I grew up in a time that was filled with fake realities. My grandfathers grew up in a time that seemed more authentic, and I wanted a piece of it.

Gautraud created the short for “My RØDE Reel”, a film competition hosted by RØDE Microphones. He also put together a short behind-the-scenes video to show how the film was produced.