Mule Design Studio on How to Visit San Francisco

St. Stupid's Day Parade

Fellow cephalophile Mike Monteiro over at Mule Design Studio recently posted a hilarious and painfully accurate write-up on “How To Visit San Francisco”.

We have gay people. Don’t be afraid; they’re not the weird ones. The nice Police Officer you asked for directions last night? Yeah. His name is Bob, he has a cute wife named Cindy, who also has a girlfriend named Pam, and they both share a transgendered robot lover named Chris, but only on Wednesdays and depending on Cindy’s cycle because she’s trying to get pregnant so the Chinese girl they adopted last year and named Satchell will have a friend to play with. They all met because they’re part of a Spiritual Raver society. No, not THAT Spiritual Raver society, the one that splintered off from that one.

photo credit: Scott Beale

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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