Motorized Smart Carry-On Luggage That Easily Converts Into a Conveniently Rideable Scooter

The Modobag is a unique piece of motorized luggage that converts into a scooter of sorts, with telescoping handles, a thumb throttle, retractable quick-release foot pegs, hand brakes, a memory foam seat and USB charging outlets. The bag travels at about 6 miles per hour, is FAA and TSA compliant and interacts with a proprietary app that incorporates GPS tracking. The idea came to Chicago inventor Kevin O’Donnell when he saw that kids were taking turns riding his rollable suitcase. Currently O’Donnell and professional motorcycle racer Boyd Bruner are raising funds through Indiegogo to bring the Modobag to market.

Once Modobag becomes your travel companion life will never be the same. Now you’ll have shorter commutes, always know where your belongings are, never miss tight connections, always have a fully charged phone, and never sweat (literally) catching a connecting flight! Modobag can resolve all of these everyday scheduling speed bumps that lead to a horrible travel experience and remake your day into a smooth ride. Let Modobag change the way that you travel! …Modobag is the invention of Chicago entrepreneur and world traveler Kevin O’Donnell. He got the idea while he was traveling through the airport with the Chi-Town’s Finest Breakers, when the kids started taking turns riding on his suitcase. It was at that point he told them, “We’re gonna put motors in these!”. As soon as he reached his destination, Kevin called his college buddy Boyd, and the concept for Modobag was launched.




images via Modobag

via TreeHugger