Montreal Swing Riot Invitational Pits Swing Dancers Against Street Dancers In a Friendly Competition

The Montreal Swing Riot is an annual event that takes place during the Montreal International Jazz Festival and is dedicated to all things dance including competitions, showcases and live music. One such competition pits Swing dancers against Street dancers. Filmmaker Alain Wong captured each side showing off the complicate moves of their genre.

Formerly known as Lindy Hoppers vs. Street Dancers, this is part 3 of the Invitational Battle between Vintage and Modern Street Dancers at Montreal Swing Riot bringing together swing, jazz, soul, funk and the break beats in one epic battle. Modern Street Dancers represented waacking, locking, popping, breaking, hip hop and krump: Taminator, Venom, Wook, Rawss, Bourrik, Ddimplz, Treklock , Scramblelock, Boombeast, Jigsaw, Cherry and Zepol Rock. Vintage Street Dancers represented vernacular jazz dances like the Charleston and the Lindy Hop.