Monsters Added to Dull Yard Sale & Thrift Store Landscape Paintings

Mountain Monster

Mountain Monster” by Chris McMahon

Artists Chris McMahon and Thyrza Segal have each added a fantastic collection of monsters to dull landscape paintings (Thyrza) that they found at various yard sales and thrift stores. Prints of the enhanced paintings by Thyrza (Etsy) and Chris (deviantART) are available to purchase online.

Grifters of London by Thyrza Segal

Grifters of London” by Thyrza Segal

Throat Shark Is Just Looking For A Good Time

Throat Shark Is Just Looking For A Good Time” by Chris McMahon

Fun at the Lake by Thyrza Segal

“Fun at the Lake” by Thyrza Segal

The Thing By The Boats

The Thing By The Boats” by Chris McMahon

Ropin Cowboys by Thyrza Segal

“Ropin Cowboys” by Thyrza Segal


Untitled” by Chris McMahon

Sightseeing by Thyrza Segal

Sightseeing” by Thyrza Segal