Monster by Mail and The Coloring Book of Death

Cleveland artist Len Peralta and his wife Nora are expecting a baby in the fall, so in order to raise money for their medical expenses, Len started creating drawings of monsters (currently zombies) for people who give him $20 and the name of the monster they want. Once the monster is complete, he mails the original art to them. For $30 he’ll make a video of himself drawing the monster ($45 gets you the drawing, video and a zombie t-shirt). So far he has created over 700 drawings for his Monster by Mail project.

Joe Empire, Comic Shop Owner & Possessor of the Necronomicon

Coloring Book of Death


Len’s work drawing monsters has lead to the publication of his monster coloring book “AARGH! The Incredibly Ghoulish, Frighteningly Creepy Coloring Book of Death” available through Lulu.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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