Missing Lincoln, Nebraska Toddler Found at Bowling Alley Playing Inside a Stuffed Animal-Filled Claw Machine

A toddler in Lincoln, Nebraska recently ran away from his home and got himself stuck inside of a Bowling Alley claw machine. As employees tried to locate the boy’s mother and find a way to get him out, the 3-year-old enjoyed playing with all of the stuffed animals that were packed into the machine.

Omaha’s KETV NewsWatch 7 has reported further on the story:

Soon after, the mother was reunited with the child, who is doing fine. The vendor even gave the boy a stuffed animal from the machine. Police said the mother was not cited because she contacted police as soon as she realized her son was missing.

Claw Machine Kid

video via KETV NewsWatch 7

via KETV, Go Magazine, Jeff Slobotski