Minus 1 Star For Not Being Allowed to Leave: Prison Reviews on Yelp

Prison reviews on Yelp

You might be surprised to know that Yelp includes “customer” reviews of many prisons around the country. While the subject of the reviews may be unusual, the content is not: most reviews focus on the service (guards), the atmosphere, and the food. The reviews are written by former inmates (or so they say), as well as defense attorneys and others who are “just visiting.” BuzzFeed has posted 12 prison reviews from Yelp and The Washington Post recently published an article about the phenomenon. To see the reviews for yourself, take a virtual tour of the US prison system on Yelp:

West Hollywood Jail, California
San Quentin State Prison, California
Sing Sing Correctional Facility, New York
Riker’s Island Correctional Facility, New York

And here are a couple more choice reviews:

Yelp prison reviews

Manhattan Central Booking, New York

Yelp prison reviews

Twin Towers Correctional Facility, California

via BuzzFeed, The Washington Post