Million Dollar Dogster


During his talk on Thursday at The Future of Web Apps conference, my good friend Ted Rheingold, “Top Dog” of Dogster and Catster (a social network for dogs and cats), announced that they just raised $1 million round of angel funding. Congratulations Ted, Steven, John and the rest of the pack. This should help keep the web kibble flowing and allow for the development of more treats.

From Ted’s post on the Dogster blog:

I wanted to share here first some very big news. Earlier this month Dogster, Inc., the makers of and closed a $1 million Angel investment. After running our communities for two and a half years, and being profitable since last July, we finally decided the time was right to add some outside resources to our momentum.

For our members and community, we will be able to offer more features sooner. We’ll still be the same passionate, supportive group, there will just be more of us offering more great services. In fact, video is now out of beta and instant messaging will soon be a free feature for everyone!

The Angel investors are made up of respected industry veterans and successful entrepreneurs who have already become hands-on advisors helping us to manage our business and servers. They all wanted to be a part of Dogster, Inc. because they see how hard we strive to make people happy and how seriously we take our business.

Tail thumps and kitty head butts all around!

Jeff Clavier, one of the angel investers, shares his thoughts on the Dogster funding.