Milkmade Ice Cream Launches “Lickstarter” Fundraising Campaign To Expand Their Delivery Nationwide

Milkmade Ice Cream (previous posts), a New York City craft ice cream subscription delivery service, has conceived “Lickstarter“, a Kickstarter campaign to purchase a machine that would allow them to expand their services nationwide.

How great would it be for our community to be a part of MilkMade – to help us get to the next level. So that next year when we are crafting more dream ‘screams, churning out more pints, and finally delivering outside of New York, across the country (and world?), it’s all because of you.

It starts with a new ‘scream machine – that’s what the Kickstarter will fund. This mean machine will quintuple our daily production of ‘scream! What’s more it will enable us to exponentially grow our operations, so we can finally get our ‘scream to your markets and to your doors.

Lickstarter has until Friday Jan 10 at 8 PM (EST) to reach its $45,000 goal.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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