A Look at How Artist Pat Hines Makes Incredible Color Illustrations in Microsoft Paint

In a creative episode of Vox Almanac, host Phil Edwards interviews Boston artist Pat Hines to find out how and why he created such awesome color illustrations for his book, Camp Redblood and The Essential Revenge, with only the use of Microsoft Paint. Vox also shared two videos (part 1 and 2) that show Pat’s entire process behind one painting.

Microsoft Paint isn’t known as the best artistic tool. But Pat Hines used it to create the illustrations for his horror fantasy, Camp Redblood. And the results are incredible.

He explains how Microsoft Paint works for him, and includes notes about his favorite artists, like Herge, Ivan Bilibin, and more. He also shows why he prefers Paint to Photoshop and Illustrator and how it created his unique artistic style. This speedpaint is a reflection of years of labor.

Justin Page
Justin Page

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