Amazing Microscopic Footage of Immune System Cleaning Lymphocytes Attacking a Cancerous Cell

In 2014, the Synapse Center for Health and Healing in Egan, Minnesota shared fascinating microscopic footage of a human immune system in action. The narrator describes how red blood cells work and what they do before introducing lymphocytes. This white cellular subgroup is known for traveling through water and cleaning out the remaining debris when a red blood cell dies. The lymphocytes also possess natural killer cells, which detect viruses, infections, and cancers and attacks invader from within. But these same lymphocytes can become less effective when a body is under stress, dehydrated and/or exhausted.

So we’ve now got tissue that’s cancerous. Not the size of a tumor yet, this is still under a microscope but its tissue and all those moving things are the lymphocytes … there is implosion from the inside out. This is natural. The killer cells of your immune system killing cancer. …What impacts the immune system – stress mental, chemical and physical stress. When you get sick, what do they tell you to do? Drink lots of water, because those lymphocytes need to be able to swim around and get to where they need to get, to get lots of rest that way you have less byproduct metabolism so there’s less work for the lymphocytes to have to clean up and that allows for your immune system to recover.