Merkley??? Book Release Party For 111 Nude Ladies on Sofas

Eva - Sofa

San Francisco artist merkley??? does some absolutely amazing portrait photography. His most recent series involves nude women on sofas wearing their favorite shoes, posed with a variety of interesting objects and sometimes a cat or two. He recently self-published a new book featuring 111 of these photos and he is having a book release party this Friday, January 11th at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco.

“Hey merkley???, What is today’s date?


“What time is it?”


“I heard you’re making a book of a bunch of your lady friends naked with their favorite shoes on sofas, just how many nude lady pals are in it?”


“When is it coming out?”


“You mean January 11th right? Where is the release party gonna be?

“111 Minna Gallery.”

“What time?”

“11pm” (actually 9pm)

If you can’t make the release party, you can purchase a copy of the book online.

photo by merkley???