MC Lars on Pirate Cat Radio’s Baghdad by the Bay

That’s the video for iGeneration by MC Lars who will appear on Pirate Cat Radio this Thursday January 29 on RICK!‘s show: “Baghdad By the Bay”. Lars is one of the better known Nerdcore rappers (though he calls his specific niche “post-punk laptop rap”), and he appears in the film about the genre Nerdcore Rising.

RICK!’s Baghdad by the Bay is on Pirate Cat from 8-10pm Thursdays. Pirate Cat Radio lives at 87.9 FM on the dial in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and you can also tune in online. It’ s an MC Lars sandwich this Thursday, with two San Francisco bands on the show before and after: The Music Lovers are on at 8pm, MC Lars is on starting at 8:40, then The Harbours to close out the night. More details on all the acts here.

In case you didn’t know “Baghdad by the Bay” was originally Herb Caen’s nickname for San Francisco in his early heyday as a newspaper columnist here in the 40’s (Caen also is responsible for getting beatnik and hippie into the vernacular, by the way). Caen continued to write for the San Francisco Chronicle until his death in the late 1990’s

MC Lars’ new album is called This Gigantic Robot Kills and it will “drop” on 2/24/2009. It features such stellar and multi-generational icons as Weird Al Yankovic. Here’s a little teaser about the album from Lars’ podcast: