Mantyhose, Pantyhose for Men

Mantyhose, leg hosiery designed and marketed to men, is a growing trend according to Time NewsFeed. Fashion web magazine e-MANcipate is strongly endorsing this trend and wants to change the rules of what men are supposed to wear. They provide a place for men to learn more about this fashion choice and they even provide instructions on how to put on mantyhose.

We are here to break the rules of what men are obliged to wear, defined by the tradition of modern times, as we are not satisfied with wearing boring suits only.

We believe that pantyhose for men can be an everyday clothing item, and that it can be fashionable as well. Throughout e-MANcipate, with our photos, we are trying to illustrate it as well.

We want to promote / achieve gender equality for men, to eradicate sexism that is attached to us by forcing men to the classical macho roles and to a limited number of acceptable clothes / outfits. (And by the way, are all the women who wear trousers crossdressers?)

Time NewsFeed explains why mantyhose may be appealing to men:

Often they are worn by men who work outside, such as landscapers, to guard against the cold. They also serve as a compression tool for those with circulatory problems, and are said to help revitalize muscles if you are standing on your feet all day…Most men buying into the trend wear their tights much as you would wear long johns – beneath the pants, as an extra layer. However, those with sartorial boldness might try pairing them with shorts.

via Time NewsFeed

images via e-MANcipate