Man Shoots Video of a High Speed Police Pursuit on TV and Then Surprisingly Captures it Going By His House

Using his cellphone, Inglewood-based Jason Lee started recording a live police chase on his television when he heard sirens getting louder. Amazingly, he lifts up his camera and catches the high speed pursuit as it goes whizzing by his house. NBC-LA has more details.

I was filming the TV coverage as it’s very hard to find Live News Footage on the internet after the fact. Sure TV shows, movies, music videos… all downloadable.
And then as I saw from the footage he was nearing were we were and I could also hear the sirens getting closer so I zoomed out and panned to the window. I didn’t expect him to turn down my street. That’s the point when I thought he might come through the front window hence my out burst. Thankfully he’s a good driver.