Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer

In 2006, Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer was created by homebrewers Tom and Athena Seefurth who wanted to create a beer that would pair with a wide variety of foods, including pizza. Using a surplus of oregano, basil, tomato and garlic, they came up with this “debris-free” pizza-flavored beer. The Seefurth Family now sells their pizza spice-filled beer online through Malloy’s Finest Wine & Spirit shop.

The Margarita pizza is put into the mash & steeped like a tea bag. A whole wheat crust made with water, flour & yeast is topped with tomato, oregano, basil & garlic. The essence of the pizza spices is washed off with hot water and filtered into a brewpot, where it is boiled for a long, long time. During the process, we add hops & spices in a cheesecloth type bag & filter the cooled liquid into a fermentation vessel. (big glass 6 gallon water jug). After a week or two, the beer is good to go. Keg it or bottle it.

images via Daily Hops and Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer

Thanks to Jessica Lindsey for the tip!

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff