‘Mad Men’ Creator Matthew Weiner Offers a Sneak Peek Into the Series Finale on ‘Conan’

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner appeared on last night’s episode of Conan to offer a “sneak peek” into the series finale. Before the video ran, however, host Conan O’Brien asked Weiner to discuss his thoughts about finale theories that he’s heard, including the excellent 2013 essay by Lindsey Green that predicts that Don Draper is D.B. Cooper.

I’m not going to dismiss it because I want people to watch the show, but the strangest theory I’ve heard is this D.B. Cooper theory. D.B. Cooper is a guy who jumped out an airplane in 1971 after getting $200,000 in cash, with a parachute because there were a lot of hijackings then, so it was not unusual to jump out of a plan. So people think Don is going to become him.