Luxury Dog Mansions

German company, Best Friend’s HOME, has produced a line of luxury Hundehäuser, the german word for ‘dog houses’. These canine mini mansions come in four styles: Cubix, “following the connotatively Bauhaus architecture”; Fairytale, “two solid shaped turrets and the intentional abdication of windows makes the castle a secure stronghold and cuddly cave”; Alabama, “makes the dog the lord of the manor”; and the Lönneberga, “peaceful and Scandinavian idyllic it creates an atmosphere of complacency and security”. Nearly all pooches are accommodated as the mansions come in a variety of sizes.

Best Friend’s HOME was founded by communication designer Doria Keppler and event manager André Heinermann, who wanted a high quality dog house for their own garden and could not find one. More styles will be available in the future.

Dogs have a soul – we are convinced.

via The Awesomer & ReCraft

photos by Best Friend’s HOME

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff