Louis C.K.’s Independent Short Films (1993-1999)

Ice Cream

Proving that he is indeed a man of many talents, from 1993-1999 Louis C.K. made a bunch of short films starting with the 13-minute long black-and-white comedy, Ice Cream (1993) which stars Laura Kightlinger and Craig Anton. In 1998, he made six more films, The Letter V, The Legend of Willie Brown, Ugly Revenge, Highjacker, Hello There, and Brunch. And in 1999, he made two shorts using a Bolex 16mm camera, Persona Ne’ll Aqua and Searching for Nixon.

The Letter V

The Legend of Willie Brown

Ugly Revenge


Hello There


Persona Ne’ll Aqua

Searching for Nixon

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Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff