Los Angeles Man Broke the Guinness World Record in 2013 for Creating the Tallest Rideable Bicycle

Los Angeles bicycle enthusiast and cinematographer Richie Trimble invented the world’s tallest rideable bike in April 2013, titled the “STOOPIDTALL,” and managed to ride the 15-foot behemoth at the CicLAvia event in LA. In December 2013, Richie took it a huge step further and broke his own Guinness World Record by creating a 20-foot tall rideable bike appropriately called the “STOOPIDTALLER.”

Trimble used his bike as a ladder to climb all of the way up to the seat and rode his giant bicycle over 328 feet in front of judges to make the record official. He has since then cruised the bike over the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and numerous other locations.

via Toxel