Lightt, A Social iOS App to Create & Share Short Looping Image Clips

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Lightt is a social iOS app that allows users to create and share “highlights,” which are short, looping (and silent) image clips about ten seconds in length. You press a button and it takes a burst of pictures which are available to view and share immediately. A highlight is a great way to share an experience because it gives you more than a still image (and is less resource hogging than a video). Both Scott Beale and I have had an opportunity to play with it and I have to say, it’s a lot of fun and I’ve enjoyed seeing what other users are creating. Lightt is available to download at the iTunes store. Light has posted a tutorial on how to capture great highlights.

On Lightt, Scott can be found here (link) and I can be found here (link).

Lightt is a new way to see and share life from your iPhone. Lightt is visual, social and very easy to use. With Lightt, you share experiences in a way that goes beyond words or still photos, yet is lighter weight and more mobile than video…

Lightt is an evolution of how we capture life—more expressive than a still photo yet simpler and more accessible than video. Highlights are available from anywhere and do away with the hassle of editing and production. With Lightt there’s no pressure to get the perfect shot. Highlights you see are life unfolding—spontaneous, genuine and honest.

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images via Rusty Blazenhoff

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff