Life of Brian, Live on Stage at the Dark Room

guest post by Eddie Codel

Life of Brian Live on Stage

Monty Python’s timeless satirical comedy Life of Brian, which when released in 1979 stirred religious fanatics everywhere to protest and ban the film as blasphemous (Aberystwyth, Wales finally lifted their ban this year).

Now 30 years later, you can witness the blasphemy of a live stage adaptation of Life of Brian when it opens Friday for a 4 week stint at The Dark Room Theater in the Mission. The production runs every Friday and Saturdays nights at 8pm from November 27th to December 19th.

I recently ran into Laughing Squid’s own guest blogger mikl-em rehearsing his lines outside the theater. He gave me a quick tour of the chaos going on inside where I found half-naked performers in a costuming frenzy of robes and sandals. You’ll have to come see for yourself whether mikl’s a Roman, a messiah, a heretic or all the above.

The Dark Room is a 50 seat black box theater, busily alternating between stand-up and sketch comedy shows, big production stage adaptations of pop-culture classics like this one and of course, the infamous Sunday night Bad Movie Night.

Eddie Codel
Eddie Codel