An Amusing Animation About the Life Cycle of Peas

Frustrated by his children’s refusal to eat their veggies and food waste in general, Ian Darlington of IAM Productions created an amusing explainer video about the lifecycle of peas. Much of the video has the happy peas singing the iconic ELO song “Mr. Blue Sky”. Until they stop.

That’s one thing that Ian our Co-Founder struggles with daily, being a father of four girls.He needed a way of making sure the girls never wasted their veggies (specifically peas) again, so set the team the challenge of creating a feel-good video explainer… with a twist.

Eat Your Peas Kids

None of the peas in the video were inconvenienced in any way.

No peas were harmed in the making of this animation. Any trauma this video may cause is not the responsibility of the IAM animation team.

Thanks Chip Beale!