LEGO Reenactment of the USA vs. England World Cup Match

What’s better than a reenactment? Nothing. But we can still differentiate amongst reenactments as to what makes a truly great reenactment. And when a reenactment can be accurately described using the words “World Cup” and “LEGO” it is truly of the highest awesome order.

Here is this weekend’s USA vs England match as portrayed by LEGO teams, re-staging the opening of the game & both goals. is a German site that does mini-reenactments of soccer games. The owner is obviously a fan of Hannover 96 who play in the Bundesliga, the top tier of German club football–you’ll find numerous toy-versions of their games on the site.

Right now the focus is on the World Cup, of course, with LEGO versions of a few select games set to the German broadcast commentary. British paper The Guardian dubbed the video above with the English commentary.

Below is the original German version of the opening match of the tournament: South Africa vs. Mexico.


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