Legendary Nintendo Designers Explain How the Most Iconic Level in ‘Super Mario Bros.’ Was Made

Eurogamer released two videos where Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo designer Takashi Tezuka explain how the most iconic level in Super Mario Bros., World 1-1, was made. Miyamoto and Tezuka go on to talk about what their most memorable projects were to work on throughout their impressive careers.

We asked Miyamoto to walk us through Super Mario Bros’ 1-1, that most iconic of video game levels, to give us some insight into how it was made, and what was impressive – infectious, even – was the enthusiasm he still has for all the details that combine and conspire to make Mario so special to this day. It’s presented under the pretence of being a classroom (you can hear us lot guffawing and chuckling away in the background), and I certainly learnt a lot about what it is that helps make Mario’s magic. (read more)