The Myth of the Left Brain Right Brain Theory Explained

After Skool (previously) in collaboration with Health Chronicle, presents a colorful explanatory whiteboard and illustrated animation about the myth of right-brain, left-brain personalities. While the separate halves of the brain perform different functions, it’s not as cleanly divided as has been previously reported. The same processes exist on both hemispheres of the brain, although the way information is interpreted differently. The right side of the brain looks for big picture information, while the left side is looking for details.

The accounts, lawyers and bankers are all smart, serious left-brainers. The painters, musicians, and hairdressers are all wild and impulsive right-brainers. …your brain is also nowhere near as divided as most people believe. The two sides are much more similar than we think and most processes are found on both sides. The two parts do have different functions but they are not divided up as simply as logic on one side, creativity on the other.