LEDsaber, A High-Tech Glowing Foam Lightsaber Made of ‘Practically Indestructible Foam’

The team at Calimacil have created the LEDsaber, a high-tech glowing foam lightsaber made of “practically indestructible foam” that is ready for outdoor LARPing (live action role-playing) battle. They are currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help with production costs.

We decided to push the limits of design by creating a new type of sword: the LEDsaber.

The challenge was to build a saber made of foam for safe play. To integrate light, we had to enhance the foam formula we normally use to build our products. Moreover, we had to develop a new technology into the handle to enable both light and sound. Thus our journey began, and we successfully achieved the creation of a fully immersive foam LEDsaber!

This LEDsaber is made of our special foam and is completely safe for dueling. We integrated advanced technology to enable the possibility to change light effects, sounds, and more.

Basic Vibro Red

Basic Plasma Blue





images via Calimacil

via GeekTyrant