Layover at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

Layover in Las Vegas

Layover in Las Vegas

Lori and I are currently stuck at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas for a 4 hours layover because of a delayed US Airways/America West flight, so I decided to shot some photos with the cheap camera and do some bored-in-the-airport live-blogging.

The free, fast Wi-Fi and ample power outlets are helping pass the time. Hear that SFO, FREE WI-FI! Yeah, San Francisco is the center of the internet universe alright. Our airport can’t event get Wi-Fi right.

I think the sound of the slot machines is driving Lori insane.

UPDATE: Well, the 2nd flight was delayed as well and on top of that, our luggage was sent to the wrong city. At this point, I would suggest avoiding US Airways/America West at all costs.

photo credit: Scott Beale