Last Two Ask Dr. Hal Shows & Photos

Ask Dr. Hal

Ok, this is it. There are only two more installments of the Ask Dr. Hal Show at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco: Wednesday November 23rd and next Wednesday, November 30th. Tomorrow night’s pre-Thanksgiving show features special opening acts The Extra Action Marching Band’s Flag Team, The Beanweevils and Pete Goldie’s Scientific Secrets.

From Dr. Hal’s newsletter:

Let proud poppa Phoenix or big Benjamin Burke, the old Odeon Bar’s (formerly) “lonesome doormen,” guide you into the club. As always, the programme at “Ask Dr. Hal” may be subject to last-minute scheduling changes. But we’re working, as always, on a show you’ll long remember. Our opening lineup will daze and dazzle. The scantily-clad Flag Team and the boisterous Beanweevils will make it a night to remember. And in the house will definitely be some Personages, visitors from afar, whose renown will add significantly to our luster. That’s all the hint we can give at present.Then, in the main part of the eve’s presentation, Dr. Hal will essay to soothe your mental and psychic turmoil by answering all questions submitted, after Chicken John sneeringly reads them, pouring out dollops of unwatered Fernet for the deserving (and the inevitable David Capurro), while the truly unheimlich K-Rob will accompany and comment on the action in sights and sounds. Jascha Ephraim, our Technical Wizard, will ride herd on the traditional mind-breaking Special Effects and of course David will, as ever, keep the show disturbingly connected to the digital world. From time to time his findings appear abruptly on our Giant Screen, to the delight of some and, it must be frankly admitted, the consternation of others. All the while, a cadre of Ultra-attractive waitresses will bus to your table food and drink, Lucullan treats the old Odeon never dared to dream of– a veritable Trimalchio’s Feast.

Here are some photos I shot at the November 16th show. The opening act that night was the David Capurro, The YoYo King.

Photos from The Ask Dr. Hal Show (11-16-05)

photo by Scott Beale