Kite Fight! – Armed Kites Battle to the Death

9.8th Fighting Kite Brigade

The 9.8th Fighting Kite Brigade returns this Sunday, September 10th for another Kite Fight!, where kites armed with razors and nails battle it out to the death in dogfights over the frigid summit of San Francisco’s Bernal Hill.

RICK! writes:

9.8th Fighting Kite Brigade
Sunday, Sept 10th
Bernal Hill, San Francisco
2pm-till it’s really friggin cold
FREE with Kite!

From the organizers of Urban Golf and the Urban Iditarod comes: KITE FIGHT! Flying pretty kites at Chrissy Fields is for sissies, the 9.8th Fighting Kite Brigade challenges you to a kite duel.

Do not bring a quality kite as we are attaching razor blades and nails to the kite and dueling in the skies! We recommend you bring a craptastic plastic kite and whatever weaponry will lead you to domination of the skies. I recommend getting kites at Cliff’s Variety in the Castro.

If you’re not in a fighting mood come down, fly kites with us and soaking in the best view of the city.

No I didn’t read the Kite Runner, stop f-ing asking.

photo credit: Niall Kennedy